How to learn Skating?

When is the best time for children to learn roller skating?

Some parents may not encourage their kids to learn roller skating because they consider it to be dangerous. Some of them think that kids should not learn it until they reach age ten. However, many famous couches said that three-and-a-half-year old kids can start to learn it. Then it will take them two years to master it. 

1. Kids aged three has mastered the basic movements of their hands and body. The development of muscles and brain, and the kills and experience gained in daily life, have trained the kids to master many complicated movements.

2. Three-and-a-half-year age is a perfect time for kids to learn more movements because their body is flexible. Moreover, they like imitating. They can do the same movements repeatedly with patience, ignorant of failure or mocking. With positive guide and training, many more movements can be obtained.

3. As kids grow up, however, they become less courageous to learn skating. Also, kids under three find it hard to master the skill due to lack of understanding and body movements. Therefore, the best time to learn the skill is the age between three and ten.

Three matters need attention for skating beginners

For children start to learn roller skating, here are three factors need attention.

1. A pair of roller skates for kids: the size is most essential. Wrong size skates may lead to obstacles of mastering correct movements and even serious injuries.

2. Correct guide: the basic knowledge is very important when people start to learn a subject. Try to bring kids to skate clubs for learning. Only the professional couches could provide the correct, safe and happy environment for kids.

3. Necessary protection: safeness should be considered as the top issue. For skating beginners, wrist pads, elbow pads and knees pads are prerequisites. Other protection equipment like gloves, ankle guards, leg guards and body guards could be chosen according to different activities.

Roller skating is very easy to learn for everyone. However, many people start to fear falling over when they put on skates for the first time. Actually, you just need to learn a few skills and methods, and then you can turn this sport into a lot of fun. It is very import to practice keeping balance, since you need to stand on the wheels which rolls on the ground. Here is some ways:

1. Practice marking time: by doing this helps to get familiar with the skate shoes.

2. Practice keeping balance by holding bars or similar objects.

3. Practice sliding with counter force: by pushing still objects, asking others to help pushing, and pulling moving objects.

Although it is very easy to learn roller skating, some risks may happen due to carelessness. Be safety conscious and wear protectors.

Tips for kids and adult

1. Know your skills and limits, do not take risk.

2. Practice new techniques on even surface, do not practice on the slope.

3. Do wear helmets and protectors.

4. Stay away from dangerous area: sand, tree branches, leaves, rocks, oil, water, lattice land.

5. If the dangerous area is unavoidable, try lower down your body center on your heels, keep sliding straight forward.

6. Be aware of the heading direction.

7. When encounter sunk fence: first stop still, and then stride over it.

8. Be very cautious on the road because cars, cabs and bicycles are unpredictable. Leave yourself enough space, keep an eye on the drivers and his direction, and take care that the car door which may open suddenly.

9. Watch out for the traffic conditions in front of you and behind. Do wear bright color clothes, make sure drivers be aware of you.

10. When in places without enough light: wear reflective protectors and little lamps. 

11. Do not wear headset/earphone when skating, it is cool but distract your attention. 

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