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Speed SR 1
Cougar fix size Speed Skate SR 1. The size range is from Size 32--to 45. Fixed Size Speed Skate Bearing ABEC-9 Chrome WHEELS: 32-35:90MMPU 36-45:100MMPU Frame CNC Integrated ALUM 32-33:150MM 34-37:165MM...
Cruise SR 7
It was designed by international professional inline skating designer. Using space PU, SBR and super fiber material,duplicate frame and special lacing system, which made it unique. Fixed Size Speed Skate...
SR 9 The Speed Racer
SR 9 Speed Skate, Carbon Fiber. 1.Fixed Size 2.Bearing:ILQ-9 (running around 2mins/time) 3.Wheels: High-rebound 90% PU wheels 32-39#:100 24mm 40-45#:110 24mm 4.Center distance 32-36#:150MM 37-39#:165MM...
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